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This map of the Middle East shows the countries and capital cities as well as other major and minor cities in the Middle Eastern region.
middle east cities map
Nations of the Middle East, with areas, populations, currencies, capital cities, and time zones.
Nation Area PopulationCurrency Capital City Time Zone
Bahrain 678 749,000Bahrain Dinar Manama GMT+3
Egypt 1,001,449 73,358,000Egyptian Pound Cairo GMT+2
Iran 1,648,000 71,243,000Iranian Rial Tehran GMT+3.5
Iraq 434,925 28,993,000Iraqi Dinar Baghdad GMT+3
Israel 20,770 6,900,000Shekel Jerusalem GMT+2
Jordan 96,188 5,924,000Jordanian Dinar Amman GMT+2
Kuwait 17,818 3,294,000Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwait City GMT+3
Lebanon 10,452 4,099,000Lebanese Pound Beirut GMT+2
Oman 300,000 2,595,000Omani Rial Muscat GMT+4
Qatar 11,437 841,000Qatari Riyal Doha GMT+3
Saudi Arabia 2,331,000 24,209,000Saudi Arabian Riyal Riyadh GMT+3
Syria 185,180 19,048,000Syrian Pound Damascus GMT+2
United Arab Emirates 83,600 4,444,000Dirham Abu Dhabi GMT+4
Yemen 531,570 22,231,000Yemeni Riyal Sanaa GMT+3
Areas, in square kilometers, are sourced from the Chambers Book of Facts, published in 2005 by Chambers Harrap Publishers, Edinburgh.  Populations are 2007 estimates, sourced from the Time Almanac, published in 2009 by Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Cities of the Middle East